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Kish, Iraq

Kish or Uhaimir ("the red" - because of its ziggurat's red bricks), was one of the twelve city-states of ancient Sumer civilization, located on an ancient branch of the Euphrates river 10 km east of Babylon. In this city lived the famous and magnificent Akkadian King Sargon of Agade, founder of the very first Empire in history.

In the history of Mesopotamia, Kish was the center of the 1st dynasty reigned after the great Flood. Schedules of the Sumerian kings indicates that the kingship, after the Flood, descended from heaven again to Kish, and not as previously to Eridu near Ur.

Ruins of the Red-Bricks ZigguratRuins of the Grand Palace

One of the earlier kings in Kish was Etana who "stabilized all the lands" securing the 1st dynasty of Kish and establishing rule over ancient Sumer and some of its neighbors.

Important remains still standing at Kish include the city's red-bricks ziggurat built perhaps by Nebuchadnezzar II (604-562 BC) on a rectangular base measuring 58x55 m, the grand palace, and two ziggurats, one probably dedicated to Inanna the Sumerian goddess of love of the 6th century BC, and both constructed from convex flat bricks with a grand desk. The front of this desk comprises several entrances in addition to a group of houses.

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