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Guidelines for Visitors

Helping preserve the beautiful nature can be achieved through following some simple steps:

The Caracal at Mujib ReserveKeep noise levels down as noise can disturb native birds, animals and reptiles.
Keep to proper footpaths, do not feed wildlife and do not pick flowers or shrubs.
Do not spoil trees and historic monuments with graffiti.
Water is scarce in Jordan, so please practice conservation and keep water sources clean.
Stick to designated roads when driving. Off-road motoring is both risky and potentially damaging to the environment.
Fire making is strictly prohibited in all reserves, except in designated barbecue pits.
Do not approach, threaten or feed wild animals.

When in a nature trip...

Avoid hiking alone or in the dark.
Watch your footing on rocky or steep slopes, and always stay on the trail.
During heavy rainfall, avoid low-lying areas such as canyon floors that are susceptible to sudden flash floods.
Bring your own water for drinking and cooking, as natural water sources may not always be clean or accessible.
If you do use water from a spring or stream, treat it by boiling or with purification tablets.

Remember to bring...

When visiting nature reserves for a day trip, bring water, a hat, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes. A camera, binoculars, identification guides for wildlife, and a picnic lunch will certainly enhance your visit.

For overnight camping trips, take a sleeping bag or blankets, food, and plastic bags for garbage. It is always a good idea to carry a flashlight, a compass, matches, waterproof clothing, and a first aid kit.

By minimizing your impact on the wildlife, you will help to protect and preserve the sanctity of Jordan's nature for future generations to enjoy.

Sinai Agama, male (bright blue) and female (blue and orange) meet on sand stone, Dana Nature Reserve

General Guidelines

Experience the day to day life of the people around you. Interact with the local community while showing respect for its laws and customs.
Dress modestly, and respect the culture and traditions of local people.
Practice a few phrases in Arabic. People will appreciate your efforts. Please is "Min fadlak" in Arabic and thank you is "Shukran", see Useful Arabic Words & Phrases.
Ask permission before photographing or videotaping persons and you will be rewarded with their warmth and hospitality.
Support the local economy whenever possible by buying local produce.
In hotels, turn off lights and adjust thermostats to conserve energy before leaving your room.

Entrance Fees

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) charges entrance fees at all its Nature Reserves sites. The income from these fees and other service charges goes directly to support the reserves and their conservation programmes. As a visitor, you are therefore contributing directly to the protection of Jordan's natural heritage.

Enjoy Jordan, Ahlan wa Sahlan.
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