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Islamic Amman

In addition to the main Islamic attractions in Amman: The Citadel, Grand Husseini Mosque, and King Abdullah Mosque, Amman suburbs has many noteworthy Islamic attractions.

King Abdullah Mosque, AmmanIn Jubeha, a suburb of Amman, you can visit the tomb of the venerable companion Abdul-Rahman ibn Awf Al-Zuhri May Allah be Pleased with Him. Lined up stones mark the burial place of one of the 'Blessed Ten', to whom Prophet Mohammad Peace and Blessings be Upon Him promised paradise. He took part in all major battles and campaigns of Islam; including Badr, Uhud (in Medina), Al-Khandaq (the Trench), the Conquest of Mecca, and Hunayn.

He was the signatory on behalf of the Muslims at the Treaty of Hudaybiyah (west of Mecca), a compromise that was reached between Prophet Mohammad Peace and Blessings be Upon Him and Meccan leaders, in which Mecca gave political and religious recognition to the growing community of Muslims.

At the conquest of Jerusalem, he was one of the Muslim signatories. Abdul-Rahman May Allah be Pleased with Him was a successful businessman who shared his wealth. On one day he managed to free 31 slaves, another time he gave a caravan of 700 camels loaded with food to charity and upon his death he made a charitable will of 1000 horses and 50,000 dinars.

A modern building protects the tomb of the venerable companion Bilal ibn Rabah May Allah be Pleased with Him at the village of Bilal, in Wadi Essair another suburb of Amman. Whilst still a slave Bilal May Allah be Pleased with Him embraced Islam, which brought upon him the wrath of his master Umayyah ibn Khalaf who tried to coerce him into rejecting his faith by placing a huge rock on his chest during the peak summer heat of Mecca.

He fought bravely in the Battles of Badr and Uhud, where he was able to avenge himself from his former master. Gifted with a beautiful voice Bilal May Allah be Pleased with Him became the Prophet's personal muezzin.

A popular attraction outside of Amman is Kahf Al-Raqim or The Cave of The Seven Sleepers. Mentioned in the Holy Qur'an in a Sura named Al-Kahf (the Cave), it is located outside the village of Al-Raqim, 10 km east of Amman. Persecuted by despotic rule of Trajan for monotheism, a group of pious youths took refuge in this cave.

The Cave of the Seven Sleepers, Amman

To preserve them, Allah The One and Only God put them to sleep, and when they revived 300 years later (309 lunar years as inimitability mentioned in the Holy Qur'an), they thought that they were only asleep for a day or so. Christianity was widespread by then, and when they were discovered, Allah The One and Only God put them to rest forever. At the cave, there still stands Byzantine and Roman ruins as well as a mosque, which exactly fit the descriptions in the Holy Qur'an.

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