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Islamic Mount Nebo

A 10-minute drive from Madaba brings you to Mount Nebo, one of the most revered sites in Jordan. Here you have a magnificent view of the Dead Sea, a panorama of mountains, and the crowning heights of Jerusalem are visible in the distance. On the summit of Mount Nebo, you stand where the Prophet Musa 'Moses' Peace be Upon Him looked over the Jordan River towards Palestine.

Mount Nebo also became his final resting place after leading his people from Egypt across the Sinai Desert towards the Promised Land. Allah The One and Only God spoke directly to Moses Peace be Upon Him who then gave his people the divinely revealed laws.

It is generally acknowledged that Prophet Moses Peace be Upon Him was buried on Mount Nebo, although there is no actual tomb marking the spot. The Holy Qur'an describes in detail the life and mission of Prophet Moses Peace be Upon Him. In fact, Prophet Moses is the most mentioned prophet in the Holy Qur'an.

In need of water, Prophet Moses Peace be Upon Him struck a rock with his staff and 12 springs emerged. Named Uyun Musa (Moses' springs) which are located near Madaba. Also near Madaba overlooking Wadi Mujib is the village of Shaqiq. In Shaqiq, the tomb of the venerable companion Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari May Allah be Pleased with Him is marked by lined up stones. Recognized for his veracity and generosity, Abu Dharr May Allah be Pleased with Him was among the first companions to follow Islam and a strong advocate of wealth distribution.

The Prophet Yahya 'John the Baptist' Peace be Upon Him was the son of the Prophet Zakariyyah 'Zacharia' Peace be Upon Him and continued his father's work of preaching the word of Allah The One and Only God. The pious and virtuous John Peace be Upon Him lived, preached and baptized in the settlement of Bethany in the Jordan Valley.

John the Baptist Peace be Upon Him also baptized Prophet Issa 'Jesus Christ' Peace be Upon Him, at Bethany and often accompanied Jesus Christ Peace be Upon Him whenever he preached. He became a prophet and an apostle when Allah The One and Only God addressed him saying: "O Yahya! take hold of the Book with might" [Sura 19, verse 12]. Herodias, who married her husband's brother King Herod, instigated John's Peace be Upon Him beheading in King Herod's Citadel at Mukawir. John the Baptist's head was sent to Damascus, while his body remained in Mukawir.

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