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Mujib Wildlife Reserve

The Mujib Reserve is the lowest nature reserve in the World, with its spectacular array of scenery near the east coast of the Dead Sea. The reserve is located within the deep Wadi Mujib gorge, which enters the Dead Sea at 410 meters below sea level.

Wadi Mujib Gorge   Wadi Mujib Gorge

The Reserve extends to the Kerak and Madaba mountains to the north and south, reaching 900 meters above sea level in some places. This 1300 meter variation in elevation, combined with the valley's year-round water flow from seven tributaries, means that Wadi Mujib enjoys a magnificent biodiversity that is still being explored and documented until today.

Over 300 species of plants, 10 species of carnivores, and numerous species of permanent and migratory birds have been recorded until this date. Some of the remote mountain and valley areas are difficult to reach, and thus offer safe havens for rare species of cats, goats and other mountain animals.

Wondrous Wild Life:

The Horned Ibex at Mujib ReserveMujib's sandstone cliffs are an ideal habitat for one of the most beautiful mountain goats in the World, the horned Ibex. The natural Ibex herds had declined due to over-hunting in easily accessible areas, causing the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) to establish a captive-breeding program for Ibex in the Mujib reserve.

Mujib is also the home of carnivorous species such as the Caracal; a medium-sized cat distinguished by its black and white ear tufts. An agile and powerful hunter, the Caracal can be spotted in action in the rocky valley of Mujib, using its amazing jumping power to catch airborne prey.

Hiking Trails:

The Reserve has two main hiking trails:

1) The circular trail: allowing 4 groups a week with maximum 25 persons per group, starts 3 kilometers from the Mujib bridge along the Dead Sea and offers 5 to 6 hours of hiking and swimming through the Wadi Mujib system.

2) The lower trail: also starts from the same bridge and offers a 1 to 2 hour hike within the water system, including a swim at the big waterfall. Life jackets are provided by the Reserve’s office.

For those who appreciate nature and adventure, a hike through the Wadi system may prove to be a challenging exercise rejuvenating the body and the mind.

Site for Campers:

A designated campsite is available with a hosting capacity of 25 persons per day. It contains five large tents, barbecue grills and toilets for visitors and campers. A Reserve vehicle is provided to drop off luggage while campers walk to the camping area.

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