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Entertainment in Syria

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Cocktails: Ranging from local drinks (Arak-Mezze) to Champagne receptions.
Local traditional shows: Dinner parties in private palaces (Dinner parties with special arranged custom-made shows of religious dancing with recitation of acts play type shows, Held in medieval palace's courtyards or exquisitely decorated oriental halls that can accommodate up to 500 people).

Specialty restaurants: special local restaurants with narration of legendary stories from the Syrian mythology - very unique in feature events as well as food & drinks.

Beach barbecue parties: Beach parties of swing dancing Bedouin weddings where whole lambs are grilled in front of participants as well as open buffet where everybody is invited to join and or experience the preparations in a very open and friendly way.

Gala dinners with belly dancing: Belly dancing during dinner featuring the well known Belly dancing with Arabic Syrian music songs where practicing to do the same is welcomed with prizes for those who are successful.

Thenic Parties (Samah Andalucian): Rhythm group dancing debkeh & folk dances. You can definitely relay on our dedicated specialized staff. That shall get deployed during any event to attend to every detail to make your event an unforgettable beautiful experience.

Evening Entertainment

Evening entertainment is possible in varied colorful ways like dancing tournaments, local wedding simulation facilities which is varied from city to city in methods, festivities, and ceremonies which involve several stages of acts animated all through the night.

Food & Beverage

Visitors to Syria will always find something to their liking. Syrian cuisine is well-known for its variety. The best known dishes are: KIBBEH (pounded lamb meat and crushed wheat) which itself comes in countless variations, MASHAWI (skewered grilled meat), HOUMMOS (pureed chickpeas), TABBOULEH (crushed wheat and parsley salad), and KOUNAFA pastry (shredded baked wheat dough filled with cheese, cream, or pistachios, covered with syrup).

Western cuisine is also available at international hotels and major restaurants throughout the country.

The Holy month of Ramadan is respected by abstention from food or drink during daylight.


Shopping in syria is an endless pleasure. Tourists enjoy buying local products unique for its distinctive origanlity like:

Silk brocade embroidered with gold and silver thread, for which Damascus has always been famous.

Hand-engraved brass with silver inlays of different patterns and designs.

Popular hand-printed cotton garments and cloth, and the 'Samra' gold imbroidery for which Hama is renowned.

Pictures of epic and folk heroes painted on glass or cloth.

Mosaics inlaid with mother-of-pearl and tinted wood.

Hand-woven rugs made of pure wool.

Glass made as you-wait-and-watch; this is the work of glass blowers using mud furnaces where liquid glass is turned into pretty beakers, plates, and lamps.


The National Museum of Damascus: A collection of very ancient antiquities and relics of history as far back as the Stone age. It is a witness of the greatness of the past and the reaction of civilizations (Tel. 22 14 855).

The Museum of Folk Traditions (Al-Azem Palace): Built in 1749 by Asa'ad Pasha Al-Azem south of the Umayyad Mosque as a residence for Al-Wali (The Governor) then converted into a museum of folk traditions (Tel. 22 14 984).

Damascus Historical Museum: a Damascus dwelling house for Al-Azem family containing historical documents and preserves the design and features of old Damascus houses showing walls with beautiful mosaic works and wonderful Persian designs and decorations.

The Museum of Medical Science (Bimaristan Al-Nouri): Built in 1154 AD to serve as a hospital and medical school, usually visited by specialists and researchers to benefit from its historical library.

The Museum of Arabic Calligraphy: containing documents of the most remarkable types and designs of Arabic calligraphy among other extraordinary things.

Takiyya Sulaymaniyya Museum: a military museum.

Other Syrian Museums:
Aleppo Museum - Museum of Popular Traditions in Aleppo - Qalaat Halab Museum - Hama Museum - Afamia Museum - Homs Museum - Tadmor Museum - Swieda Museum - Shahba Museum in Swieda - Idleb Museum - Al-Ma'arra Museum in Idleb - Tartus Museum - Arwad Museum in Tartus - Amrit Museum in Tartus - Bosra Museum in Dar'a - Lattakia Museum - Deir Ezzor Museum - Raqqa Museum - Ja'ber Citadel Museum in Raqqa.

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