Holy Land

As a location central to the beliefs of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, the Holy Land has long been the destination of pilgrims the World over. Each city of the Holy Land has its own flavor, its own identity: from the walled Old City of Jerusalem, its venerated holy sites the scene of divine messages and miracles, betrayal, battle, and conquer, to Bethlehem and its biblical significance as the birthplace of Jesus Christ (pbuh), to ancient Jericho the oldest town in the whole World. There is perhaps no city in the world as fascinating as Jerusalem which has witnessed and played host to the events that have shaped the World we live in. Seemingly every major civilization through the ages have at one point conquered and ruled Jerusalem. It has been besieged over 50 times, conquered 36 times and history has seen the city destroyed 10 times. Every stone of the Old City has a story to tell and each turn down every narrow street reveals another piece of our history. With sacred shrines and sites revered by the three major monotheistic faiths, Jerusalem is venerated the World over. Holy Land is not only a Holy Place, but also a country in which to find culture, history and relaxation. It is a country of culture where tourists can experience folklore and heritage by visiting many museums and folk centers. They can also stay with families to experience the life style of the people and enjoy their well known hospitality. Finally, it is a country in which to relax. Visitors enjoy the lovely weather throughout the spring and summer seasons in most of the cities. Besides, there are comfortable hotels and many tourist facilities such as shops, festivals, pubs, restaurants, and cafes.

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