Jordan Hotels

Jordan has played host to a caravan of different cultures for more than three millennia. As they traded and transited, they were treated to a welcome, uniquely Jordanian, amazing warm. Today, you can enjoy the same caring hospitality around Jordan at the following distinctive World-class hotels. Ahlan Wa Sahlan... You are most welcome.

Jordan River is the place where Jesus (pbuh) was baptized by John (pbuh), son of St. Zacharia (pbuh) and Elizabeth, known to most Christians as John the Baptist. St. Cyril of Jerusalem says: "The beginning of the World, Water; the beginning of the Gospel, Jordan".

For a religious pilgrimage or touristic visit to the holy land of Jordan, the Bible is more than a document of faith, it is also a gazetteer and a virtual road map of ancient places, people and events associated with this serene and spiritual land.