Wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you Nizar and your staff in particular Raya, Sameer and Luqman. Raya from start to finish has been absolutely great. With all the enquiries made she dealt with them superbly. May she be rewarded in this world and the next too. Sameer (driver) has been excellent too. He was always available on time for all excursions and transfers. To the extent on transfers when we were sent back he made him self available to collect us. He has extremely sacrificed his time. He also gave very detailed information on ziyarats and is well educated in his field of tourism. Could not have asked for a more professional person to take us.

Luqman was very efficient… Appreciate everything he has done as he followed it all through. I will definitely be using your company again in the future Insha’allah and will also be recommending you to friends and family if I become aware they are traveling that way. Thank you AtlasTours for making this trip easy for us to deal with! May you all be rewarded both in this world and the next too. May your families be blessed and Allah give you all you require in this world and the next.