We would like to thank you for opportunity to visit your country and see the most beautiful sights there. There has been a lot of filming done and a lot of material to work on now. Special thanks to those in offices who make it possible and big thanks to our driver and guide who showed us the sights, taking into consideration specific need that filming demands. Every day was filled with highlights that took our breath away.

The magic of rain in desert, marvellous Wadi Rum, Hidden city of Petra, Dungeons of Kerak, great sights of Mt. Nebo, mosaics in St. George, Amman as city where you can not find an end, Jerash with all the good preserved sights and tea in temple of Aphrodite, fighting with physics in Dead Sea, and football watching in Aqaba. Even we were late for start, we done it all and nothing was cut from a programme. Now there is a time to make it as movie and we want to assure you as soon as it is done we will provide you with it. We are thankful to see a lot and feel warm welcome of Jordanian people.