Matty Greiver (Patra Tours)

Just wanted to say a Very Big Thank You to you and Ibrahim for making a dream come true! Our guests, were extremely pleased with Ibrahim and they had a very enjoyable experience in Petra. We shall contact you if we require any other services in Petra. Thank you and very best regards.

Atif Masood

Many thanks to all AtlasTours staff members especially Mr. Nizar and Mr. Khalid as they arranged the tour according to our requirements. I am also thankful to driver Mr. Othuman Qandeel for his cooperation to cover Lut Cave, Ashab El Kahf, Blessed Tree, Shrines of Prophet Shuaib, Resting Place of Prophet Ayub, Moses Spring, Al Hijaz Railway, Petra and Wadi Rum in 3 days.

Anna and Simon

Thank you for another great trip! Jordan is wonderful. What we missed out in terms of warm and sunny weather, we compensated on off-season deals (we almost had the whole Petra for ourselves!). Our driver Abdullah did a great job, was very informative, always happy to help with arranging activities and recommending places for dinner... The only recommendation from our side would be to increase the guidance for the money tourists need to bring with them. For an 8-day trip, JD 400 per person seems to be the minimum to cover all entry fees, lunch/dinners and some activities (we did camel riding, 4x4 ride through the desert and snorkeling). Jordan is very expensive and EUR is now very weak against Jordanian dinar. Overall, Jordan was another great trip and we will have fantastic memories. Thank you!


On behalf of our pilgrims, I wish to thank u for the wonderful pilgrimage you have arranged. Mr. Ibrahim & Mr. Nas are valued employees. They have assisted very well all the pilgrims & as such we highly commend them to all our future pilgrimages to BL... God bless.


... I would like to express my grateful thanks for the tour of EVA you did very very well. The guide Chaleb was excellent! It gives me comfort for the coming groups to Jordan that you have given great service! All the best!


Thank you very much for accommodation and the charming guide Ahmad. We will go to Jordan again... Thank you once again for everything.


بعد المكالمة الهاتفية مع المدير اود ان أشكركم شخصياً على حسن الضيافة والاهتمام الذي احطمو به المجموعة و على حسن استقبالكم وجهودكم المبدولة والحمد لله المجموعة كانت سعيدة جدا من الرحلة ومن خدماتكم، شكراً

Netty and Annet

Just received a phone call from Mrs Annet and she was very enthusiastic about the tour! She and Netty really enjoyed Jordan, the very friendly inhabitants and the beautiful country. They had a kind and professional driver! Annet informed me also that she didn't felt unsafe at all and she is going to tell all her friends and family to visit Jordan too!

Carl Christian

We like to say thank you to AtlasTours for organizing our trip to Jordan. We like to emphasis the extraordinary good choice you made by giving us Abdulla as a driver. He remodelated the originally planed tour in some parts, which did make sence. Thereby we saw The King's Highway with a lot of intersting sites. We had interesting discussions, visited a lot of typical Jordanien restaurants, gained a good insight of Jordanien culture and family life and received many valuable informations. The jouney became a full success!

Bralte Keijzer

Our group came back very happy! Especially the guide they liked very much and they were very enthusiast about their guide! Thanks soooo much!

Uktam Mamatkulov

We're at our home... Jordan was beautiful. Mr. Othman was very helpful and our driver Firaz was great. Thank you very very much! I will tell my friends about your great service.